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Home is where the heart is. A solo Piano album representing Jack's transformation from Modern Jazz to Neo Classical composing and improvisation. A celebration of his life journey and family. Recorded in Suffolk at Potton Hall studio.

Jack’s debut album Egregore reflects the global change of consciousness and invites the listener to reflect, regroup and meditate.

Li Galli was recorded on the mythical island home of the Sirens. It is a journey across timeliness that carries deep emotions, and reflects the incarnation of the new world.

Violin, Cello and Piano unite to expand the Egregore. Imagine the score to a forgotten continental noir movie or the sudden sound of a Buenos Aries based radio station you fleetingly chanced upon while turning the dial of an old radio….

Veil - we stand before the Veil of the 5th dimension, the start of our spiritual journey of ascension. Recorded in 432hz, piano and sound bowls combine to create an inner oneness and purity for the journey through the veil.

Through the Veil - we travel through the Veil, freeing the listener from the conditions of the 3rd dimension, giving glimpses of the immense beauty of the new world.

Beyond the Veil - we have arrived. Leaving the 3rd dimension behind us, we move into the full divine light of the 5th dimension where we connect to the blissful peace and oneness of the natural world.

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